Why do we need to do ISO14000 environmental management system certification?

1. Promote international trade

ISO14000 is a flexible environmental management system standard from the perspective of trade facilitation.It does not specify absolute requirements for environmental performance, except that it requires enterprises to make commitments to comply with relevant laws, regulations and continuous improvement in their environmental policies. Therefore, two enterprises engaged in similar activities with different environmental performance may meet the requirements of ISO14000.At the same time, ISO14000 emphasizes that it complies with the environmental laws and regulations of its own region rather than those of the country where the export market is located, according to the environmental conditions of its own region.This reflects the principle of reciprocity in trade, conducive to the elimination of technical barriers to trade.

2. Improve the management level of enterprises and enhance their competitiveness

A. Benefits to business organizations

Enhance environmental management awareness → Commitment and support from enterprise management and employees;Improve the corporate image → everyone likes you;

Develop good relationships with the local community → stop being distracted by unnecessary friction;

Easier to recruit staff → cleaner environment to attract high-quality personnel to join;

Reduce the risk of legal action → reduce legal action by consumers and government departments; environmental audit helps to identify and anticipate problems and take corrective actions to resolve them;

Reduce insurance costs → reduce the risk of accidents;

Easier access to financial support → banks use the environmental management system to assess the environmental impact of enterprise-related projects.

B. Benefits to business operation

Reducing the cost of cleaning → reducing waste and pollutant emissions;

Reduction of the risk of catastrophic accidents → identification and prevention of environmental risks in the environmental management system;

Improvement of technical level → innovation of process and process;

Save energy and reduce consumption, reduce cost;

Reduce waste disposal costs.

C. Benefits to enterprise product development

Product innovation → for example, using recycled paper as packaging to produce products that consume less energy

D. The benefits of marketing to enterprises

Better sales → pressure from environmental laws and regulations on retailers;

Product features → Improve the competitive advantage in the environment;

Stronger international competitiveness.

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