Eco board brand talk about the process of splicing products

Eco board brand talk about the process of splicing products

Eco board in the manufacturing need to be operated in accordance with the specified operation process, because of some special reasons, manufacturers need to splice the plate, splicing plate is a test of the manufacturing process, the following by the eco-board brand for us to introduce the process of splicing plate.

In the process of processing paint-free ecological board, some stitching operations can be carried out. When splicing, it is assumed that there are side joints and end joints. Generally, the side joints are assembled first. Assuming that the end seam is installed first, because the standard of the marginal seam is longer, the shortening deformation of the positioning welding is larger. On the large area splicing, can share out a few pieces alone splicing, and then the horizontal splicing between blocks. In order to reduce the amount of cutting work on the transverse seams, the end seams should be aligned as much as possible when stitching. Assuming that the basket screws are not used for fastening, the products of the lacquerless ecological board manufacturers should be fixed in the center and at both ends, and then quickly positioned welding, in order to achieve better plate use effect. This is the whole process of the splicing process of the ecological board, I hope to help us.

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