How should winter maintain plank?

Winter low temperature is dry, the person is afraid of cold plate also afraid of cold, plate is easy to appear cracking deformation, how to maintain plate correctly in winter?Winter temperature plummeting, plate is susceptible to the influence of the environment, wet swelling and dry shrinkage caused by moisture content changes, cracking and deformation problems.Learn to properly maintain the plate, can effectively avoid the plate cracking deformation.

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01. Why does the board crack?

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Answer: plank has certain moisture content, to get used to the environment, can maintain a balance value.When the moisture content of the plate decreases, the plate will absorb the moisture in the air, resulting in expansion and deformation;When the moisture content of the plate becomes high, dry air will absorb moisture from the plate, resulting in the plate volume reduction, cracking, moisture content change is the main cause of cracking of the plate.

02. How to prevent plate cracking?

01 | humidification reasonably

Increase indoor humidity, the commonly used method is to place a humidifier, the second is to plant conducive to indoor moisture such as green plants, rich bamboo and other plants, can effectively prevent plate cracking.But cannot humidify excessively, otherwise the plate appears expansion, deformation and other problems, the room humidity needs to control in 40%-60% suitable.

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02 | away from heat source

In winter, it is freezing cold. Some customers may be afraid that the plate will be frozen, so they shorten the distance between the plate and the heater. They do not know that the plate is also afraid of high temperature.If there is floor heating, it should be placed on the plate, open the plate and the heater to open the distance.

03 | less ventilated time

In winter, the indoor humidity is higher than that of the outdoor, and the window ventilation makes the room drier. Therefore, it is suggested that the time and number of window ventilation should be reduced in the room where the plate is placed to maintain the appropriate indoor humidity. At the same time, the plate should be avoided in the vent.

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