How to install the wood veneer panels?

Now life is not only ecological board and plate, there is also a kind of plate is wood trim panel.But how to install the wood veneer?You know what?Don't know can help you?

1, spring line grid

According to the axis, 50 lines and design drawings, the partition line and the grading line of the wooden keel pop up on the wall.

2. Assemble the skeleton

The wall structure of environment-friendly wood trim panels generally uses 25 mm ×30 mm wood square.Discharge wood first brush fireproof coating and anticorrosive coating together, process a groove tenon respectively next, assemble its on the ground into wooden keel frame.The grid size is usually 300 mm x 300 mm or 400 mm x 400 mm.For smaller wooden wall body, wooden keel frame can be installed directly on the wall;To the wooden wall body with larger area, it should be divided into a few pieces, install the wall respectively.

3. Wood wedge

The impact drill bit is used to drill holes at the intersection points of bullet lines on the wall. The hole distance is 600 mm and the depth is not less than mm.After the hole is drilled, a wood wedge treated with corrosion is driven into the hole.

4. Install wooden keel frame

Set up the wooden keel first, put it against the wall, find the verticality with hanging vertical line or leveling ruler, ensure that the wooden wall body is vertical, and then use the horizontal straight line method to check the flatness of the wooden keel frame.When both perpendicularity and straightness are met, nail it on the wooden wedge with nails.

5, nail cover panel

According to the design drawings, the cover panel is cut and edged according to the size, and the cover panel is fixed on the wooden keel frame with a millimeter gun nail.If nails are used, the nail head should be smashed flat and nailed into the board millimeters.The cloth nails should be uniform, and the spacing of nails should be about 100 mm.

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