The advantages and application of ecological board

Now the ecological board is suitable for wardrobes, cabinets, TV cabinets, etc., as long as it is customized plate furniture, in fact, can be used ecological board.

And all this comes from its own advantages, the production of furniture ecological board, because the surface of the ecological resin glue itself is a formaldehyde free environmental protection solution, without the use of decorative panels, greatly reduce the use of glue, so as to be more environmentally friendly.

Eco-board manufacturers can improve its strength performance according to the strength of the laminate configuration, the experiment shows that its strength performance is twice that of solid wood.With flame retardant, anti-corrosion and other functions.And before the gluing, the ecological board can be pre-plate drug treatment, even long and large materials, its internal can also have enough agents, so that the material has good insect resistance, ecological board fire prevention and corrosion resistance.

And the furniture, ambry, beautiful and generous, waterproof and moistureproof, easy to maintain, and need not go up again paint, both omit construction time, and avoid two chemical pollution.The quality of the ecological board is stable, and it has excellent physical properties such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and flame retardancy.

Change environmental daylighting stand or fall is very important to the space, good daytime light can affect the color of the room, still can save electricity.At night, the light is dim, so you have to rely on artificial lighting.Because this is slant dark in the choice room color department, the suggestion you want the illumination of lamplight to consider carefully.

The solid wood multi-layer ecological board is a paint-free environmental protection finish. The surface of the board has natural and real wood texture and feel, which can bring more choices to consumers.At the same time, the solid wood multilayer board in the process of pressing is not easy to deformation, the advantages of tough texture, so as to solve the internal stress of solid wood board is easy to be affected by dry and wet weather deformation defects.

The above text is the Langfang ecological board manufacturers to provide you with a variety of advantages and applications of the ecological board.

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