What should I pay attention to when installing wood trim panels?

1. After the decorative panel arrives at the construction site, it should be stored in a ventilated and ten dry room, and pay attention to moisture protection.Before use, need to use fine sandpaper (or with air pressure tube) will act the role of the surface of the dust, impurities clean up.Factory panel surface sand is good, just use soft feathers to clean the dust and impurities on the surface, not heavy sand.

2, brush the surface of the panel with nitro varnish oil, brush once after drying for 30-60 minutes, sand the decorative panel after the paint is dry, and then brush two layers of primer, and then polish, and so on.Apply primer as few as three times before finishing the panels.

3. After finishing the construction of the wood decoration panel, apply peptide paint twice again, and then fill the dust on the nail holes. The standard is that the nail holes cannot be seen within 1 meter.Now, some decorate a company to use in environmental protection stick the method of glue glue of bottom layer of face plate to replace hit nail, this kind of method can obtain better adornment effect, also need not nail hole to fill ash again, but its cost is slightly higher.

4. After finishing the gray work, continue to brush the peptide paint five times. Each time you brush the finish with sandpaper, and then tone and repair the prominent nail holes in the local area.

5. Grind the face with clear water 2-3 times, until it is less than obvious traces of oil brush.

6, and then brush three times of nitrocellulose finish, used to protect the expansion of the finish and improve the surface smoothness.

7, the finished paste panel, to protect with paper.The panel is not suitable for use in direct sunlight and wet, dry (such as air conditioning air outlet is opposite, next to the heater, etc.), otherwise the panel will appear moldy, discoloration, cracking and other problems.

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