What should we pay attention to when choosing wood veneer today?

1. Better decoration:

The appearance of wood decorative panel should have good aesthetic feeling, the material should be careful and uniform, the color and lustre is clear, the wood grain is beautiful.The texture of the surface veneer should be arranged according to certain rules, try not to see the seam between veneer and veneer, and the seam and the edge of the board are almost parallel.

2, recognize the difference between scientific veneer veneer and natural veneer veneer:

The texture of technology veneer is basically straight texture, rigid, and the texture pattern is regular;And natural veneer decorative panel for natural wood pattern, texture pattern of natural variability is relatively large, no rules.

3. There should be no obvious defects on the surface of the wood trim panel:

The surface of the selected wood decorative panel should be smooth and clean, without burr groove marks and planer marks;There should be no glue penetration phenomenon;The surface should be selected as far as possible without cracks, cracks, resin capsule and gum path;The natural warpage of the whole board should be as small as possible to avoid the sand penetration phenomenon revealed by the substrate due to improper sanding process operation.

4. Stable structure of adhesive layer of wood trim panel:

Good environmental protection wood panels should not open glue phenomenon;It should be noted that there can be no bulge and delamination between the veneer surface and the substrate and between the inner layers of the substrate.

5. Knife pry method to test the bonding strength of wood decorative panel:

This method is a direct way to test the strength of the adhesive.Use a sharp flat blade to pry open the adhesive layer.If the wood is damaged due to the destruction of the adhesive layer, the adhesive strength is poor.

6, to choose a low formaldehyde emission of wood panels:

When choosing, wood panels with pungent odors should be avoided.Because the bigger the smell, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released, the more severe the pollution, the greater the harm.

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