What should we pay attention to when cleaning the ecological board?

In the process of producing ecological board, water-based glue will be used.There is a small amount of water in the water-based glue, which may be one of the reasons for the deformation of the eco-board due to wet.Eco-board storage or production of the environment is too wet, will also lead to the deformation of the eco-board due to wet.Therefore, in the process of production and storage, monotonous environment needs to be selected to prevent the deformation of the ecological board due to wet.Ecoboards can also cause moisture under some external elements.Such as too much moisture in the air, cloudy and rainy days.These can also make the Eco Board moist and deformed.

When making the ecological board furniture, in order to hurry up in the case of the ecological board is not dry, the ecological board will be made into products, in this case, the product is simply deformed.Even if it is good at the beginning, it will be deformed after a period of time.If the ecological board touches the moisture in the air for a long time, it will be damp, and then lead to deformation.Therefore, in the storage of this point is also to pay special attention to.General sub-surface paper, decorative paper, cover up paper and the underlying paper composition.

The ecological board should be cleaned in the process of use, but improper cleaning will cause damage. We need to understand the corresponding cleaning method.Milk clean law: with a clean dishcloth in expired cannot drink milk dip, wipe the ligneous furniture such as table with second dishcloth next, purify bilge action is very good.Use clean water again, apply to a variety of furniture.Beer cleaning method: take 1400 milliliters of boiled lager, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, mix thoroughly, when the mixture is cooled, dip in its wood wiper with a soft cloth.

Ecological board ten big brand manufacturers produce contains more attract customers the advantages of ecological board, many users have this question, whether it is ecological board has waterproof and ecological board manufacturer in producing in this respect pay attention to immerse in the ecological board resin adhesive, monotonous curing ecological board has outstanding features in waterproof, generally in monotonous time is faster, not a brief swelling deformation, so users don't need to worry in use.

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