• ecological board high-pressure laminate made in China

    ecological board high-pressure laminate made in China

    1, "melamine board" bai for particle board base material, use melamine impregnated paper as veneer, compared with the traditional furniture of stickers, melamine board has a high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, damp, fire resistance and other properties, the surface is not easy to change color, peeling, and easily processed into different style, texture strong face, since the birth of the plank is quickly applied to furniture, flooring, interior decoration, etc. 2, at the same time, the product as a new product makes the veneers and plywood (or joinery board) of two kinds of plank function 2 for one, at the same time of saving production processes, improve the added value of the products, for consumers save decoration cost and artificial cost, are leading the new trend of domestic outfit, mainstream board type furniture on the market basically is to use melamine laminated board. 3, the ecological plate has good non-combustible, after national identification as AP grade non-combustible material.Environmentally friendly materials, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, with a strong water-proof, insect-proof, mildew proof function, this material can be as long as 30 years of service life.

  • Latest product: log mechanical door core board

    Latest product: log mechanical door core board

    1. Good stability, more stable than solid wood, no water ripples and door fan deformation. 2. High cost performance, lower price than log mechanical board T series, suitable for solid wood doors, full wood doors and engineering supporting doors 3. More environmentally friendly, solid wood cutting, no multilayer board particle board urea-formaldehyde glue, customer recognition is higher than multilayer board, particle board, density board recognition 4. easy to process, tailored for the wooden door factory, a core board, save work, or core board + door frame do direct delivery.

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