Eco board brand talk about plate yellowing phenomenon

1, appear the phenomenon of yellow, is mostly due to the ecological board, such as gathering dust on the surface of the component, this time as long as the cloth with a little toothpaste, and then repeated scrubbing on macular, pay attention not to use too much force, will be able to remove the macula, of course, use wet cloth to wipe clean toothpaste but don't be residual moisture on the plate, we can in after cleaning, Then the use of wood wax oil for protection and maintenance, its effect is to protect it from environmental impact, but also improve the gloss of the plate.

2, ecological board with a lot of tricks, grain, to meet our individual needs for home decoration, but in the process of using customized furniture found that some boards will have tricks to light color or white yellow, that is, often said the fading phenomenon. The colorful trickery effect of the ecological board surface mainly comes from the picture on the decoration paper on the surface of the ecological board. When ink color guess fine particles absorption or reflected light color ability to decline, there is a fading phenomenon.

3. When we use furniture made of ecological board, it is necessary to clean and maintain, but because it is wood products, we need to choose the right method in cleaning, so that our talent can better play the function of the product and prevent some problems in the future use. Try to choose a soft cloth to clean; Try to wring it out and then scrubbing; Protect from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

In order to prevent the occurrence probability of the eco-board yellowing phenomenon, we should often tidy up the eco-board when we use it, try to ensure its use and storage of the environmental temperature, and prevent moisture, which is very important.

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