Eco-board manufacturers how to avoid plate too dry science

Eco-board manufacturers will be dried in production to ensure that the moisture content of the plate is within the standard range. However, it is assumed that it is in a hot climate. How should we avoid the eco-board being too dry? Eco-board manufacturers are how to control the moisture content of the plate? Ecological plate assumption is too dry, plank in moisture content will drop, this is a brief cause plank appear the phenomenon of crack, on board, temperature have important effects on plate storage, assume temperature around the plate is too high, will lead to ecological plate cracking and deformation, in storage, assume that when choosing the storage environment is too wet, In this case, it will cause the moisture content of the plate to rise. When the temperature rises, the moisture in the plate will evaporate and affect the beauty of the plate. Assume that the storage address is too dry, the manufacturer should be timely humidification treatment. In winter storage to control the temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will affect the quality of the plate, to reasonable control of the moisture content of the plate. This is the ecological board manufacturers to avoid plate too dry some methods, I hope to help us.

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