Eco board top ten brands teach you to plate moistureproof

Ecological board ten brands to inform us that the local storage of ecological board should pay attention to adhere to good ventilation conditions, let the plate under normal temperature and humidity conditions, to prevent the humidity, temperature difference is too large to lead to the deformation of the plate, other, but also to prevent sun exposure, otherwise the quality of the plate will be affected. The ecological board should be monotonous in time to prevent water vapor from entering the inside of the plate, which will do great harm to the plate. Therefore, it is assumed that the water on the surface of the plate should be scrubbed away in time. The ecological board should be stored in a monotonous place to prevent rain, etc., when transporting, we should pay attention to the ecological board packaging tightly, such packaging water resistance is good, can play a certain protective role on the ecological board. Of course, the ecological board itself has a certain waterproof and moisture-proof, but usually do not pay more attention to the words, it will still be affected by moisture. In the arrival of the dry season, the amount of rain will become larger, the humidity of the air is relatively large, it is more simple to cause the plate to be damp, and then reduce the function of the ecological board, shorten the service life, so we must pay attention to the moistureproof of the ecological board in the past. Eco board is a kind of board product with excellent function. It is mainly used in furniture decoration, construction engineering decoration and many other professions. Eco-board is also afraid of moisture, assuming that the eco-board is damp, the function will be affected, the quality will decline, the appearance will become worse, so we should pay attention to the moisture-proof method of the eco-board.

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