Storage method and use effect of pallet board

Pallet production and use is very important, especially in storage, use must make full use of it, let's take a look at its storage method.

The first is reflected in the design, with the most lightweight design as the standard, in this direction, the product produced has a certain safety, whether in use or in the process of transportation, have such characteristics.

Then you need to put it in a dry environment.Because it is a wood product, the wet soul crystal is easy to get wet, affecting our normal use, so we must make full use of it when using.

Finally, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, so as not to affect the service life.

The storage method of tray is very important.It must be placed in a good environment when not in use so that it will have good effect when used.This is also important.

Multilayer non-staggered stacking.Also known as superimposed stacking.

It is the pallets on the goods side by side in one direction, from the bottom to the top of a completely consistent form of stacking.Its characteristic is that the four corners of the goods correspond up and down, with a large carrying capacity. However, due to the failure of meshing between each layer of goods, there is a lack of connection between goods, which is easy to cause the separation between stacks, and the goods stack is not solid enough.

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