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  • There are three conditions in the timber industry: higher demand, higher imports and higher prices for raw materials

There are three conditions in the timber industry: higher demand, higher imports and higher prices for raw materials

At present, China consumes nearly 500 million cubic meters of wood every year, including logs, particleboard and fiberboard.It is estimated that by 2020, our country's wood demand may reach 800 million cubic meters.

Although demand for timber has increased, the supply has not kept pace due to logging bans and supply shortages.In order to meet the needs of the market, in a long period of time, China needs a large number of imported wood to make up for the shortage of raw materials.Some timber exporters have also banned logging this year, making timber scarcer and raising the price of raw materials.Three seemingly unrelated conditions are closely related.

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With the rapid development of various industries, timber market ushered in an unprecedented "out of stock".Wood-based panel, wood door, furniture and other products use wood as raw materials, China's wood products are relatively cheap, quality is guaranteed, not only to meet the domestic needs, but also by the international consumer's favorite, Asia, North America and Europe and other countries import wood products from China more than 100 countries, the export volume ranks the first in the world.Such huge demand is one of the reasons why the wood market is in short supply.

With the improvement of people's requirements on the functionality, design, space utilization and personalization of furniture products, the acceptance of the whole house customization market is increasing year by year.Most whole-house customization enterprises have used the concept of "whole-house". The successful combination of whole-house customization and whole-house decoration makes whole-house customization become a new favorite in the consumer market and also another big consumption in the wood market.

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The demand for wood is increasing indefinitely, not only because of the growing consumer market for wood homes (including the main material), but also because of the rising prices of raw materials caused by the logging ban, many businesses to stock up in order to appreciate the value.

Some businesses revealed that some timber appreciation space is relatively large, so the goods are stored up not to sell, the value of the timber worth 100 million at that time, now the value has reached 200 million, and said that timber in the future may continue to increase in value.

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