Why does the eco-board deform

We should all know more or less. Generally speaking, in the process of production of eco-board, we will use water-based glue. At this time, the eco-board will be wet, and the severe will present the transformation situation. It is understood that if the environment of the ecological board storage is too wet, it will constitute the ecological board furniture damp, and the ecological board will change firstly because the environment is wet and formed, so the environment of the storage of the ecological board needs to adhere to the boring, the ecological board by the external reasons will also constitute the furniture damp; The external reasons here are more, so in the use of time must grasp clearly, will produce the factors to eliminate, so as to make the use of the ecological board period extension. There are many reasons for the variation of the ecological board. We must be careful and take precautions when we use it, so as to achieve the best use effect of the ecological board.

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